BIOLMIEL: an international prize for high quality organic honeys

BIOLITALIA is an Italian association of organic producers that organizes BIOL, an international competition for organic extra-virgin olive oils that is in 2018 at its 23rd edition, and BIOLMIEL, an international  competition for organic honeys, currently at its 10th year.  
BIOLMIEL competition is open to organic beekeepers from all over the world, and in 2017 the competition reached 200 honey samples, sent by more than 60 beekeepers.
BIOLMIELinternational jury will judge every year all honey samples enrolled in the competition. The international jury is made up of professional experts on the sensorial evaluation of honeys (up to 12 individuals), and a Panel Leader. BIOLMIEL Panel Leader is Gian Luigi Marcazzan, researcher at the Italian Agriculture Research Centre on Beekeeping in Bologna (CREA-AA). All samples before being evaluated by the jury are rendered anonymous, in order to avoid any biased judgement. BİOLMEL jury
The sensorial evaluation of honey involve all senses: honey is judged based on colour and appearance, absence of impurities or foam, tactile consistency on the palate, absence of olfactive and tasting defects, and positive characteristics of taste and aromas.
The aim of BIOLMIEL is to spread the knowledge of quality honey among consumers and to support organic beekeepers in making their product known, also through its website,  that renew each year a Honey Guide with all relevant data of BIOLMIEL awarded honeys — that received either a Silver or Gold High Quality Medal, according to the jury judgement, for their outstanding sensorial qualities.
Honeys in competition must also undergo some physicochemical analysis to assure these product have not only sensorial but also physicochemical  high quality standards.

Other than organizing a yearly competition, BIOLMIEL provides lectures and seminars for both children and adults on subjects related to both beekeeping and honey, and organizes at least once a year a conference on honey and honey related subjects.
During BIOLMIEL Conference held in Ostuni (Italy) on the 24th of March 2018, the EU-funded project “Technical Assistance for the implementation of the Support to Rural and Regional Development (SRRD) Programme in the Republic of Azerbaijan” has described the current status of apiculture in Azerbaijan and introduced the conference audience to  the activities currently implemented in honey value chains in the Guba-Khachmaz economic region of Azerbaijan. Increasing yields and feeding areas, together with new marketing strategies, are considered to be the major measures to be taken for the development of honey value chains in Guba-Khachmaz.

Main BIOLMIEL relevant staff are Nino Paparella — BIOL President, Gian Luigi Marcazzan — BIOLMIEL Panel Leader, and Daniela Caretto — BIOLMIEL Coordinator.
Additional info on the BIOLMIEL can be found on www.biolmiel.itor required by email to [email protected].

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