Choose the correct Word or Variant

1. Choose the correct word.
Will you give me two … stamps, please.
A) else                B) still  C) more  
D) another   E) much

2. Choose the correct word.
My brother … my mother, he is a serious boy.
A) takes after B) takes from
C) takes out of                  D) takes care
E) looks like

3. Choose the correct word.
Our flat is on the fourth floor. There is a small … outside our apartment.
A) bathroom  B) balcony
C) living-room     D) kitchen
E) dining room

4. Choose the words-clothes.
A) scarf, gloves, hat, skirt
B) shirt, mail, cap, shoes
C) coat, milk, needle, socks
D) tie, mirror, glasses, boats
E) boots, fridge, suit, button

5. Choose the correct word.
The monkeys … the actions  of  the humans.
A) imitateB) change     C) observe  
D) impede E) present

6. Choose the correct word.
This isn’t very sweet. You can  add  some  more … if you want.
A) salt   B) sugar  C) pepper
D) milk  E) water

7. Choose the correct word.
If you want to … success in life you must  work  hard.
A) bring   B) receiveC) award  
D) achieve  E) advise

8. Choose the correct variant.
How can we finish the work this week if we  have got  … time and … people
to do it?
A) little, few B) a few, a few
C) a few, a little     D) a little, a little
E) much, a little

9. Which line of words describes a person’s character?
A) cheerful, terrible, plump
B) fat, weak, educated
C) serious, kind, friendly
D) polite, calm, tall
E) short, dangerous, anxious

10. Choose the correct variant.
He doesn’t drink … coffee.
A) a little    B) some    C) much   
D) many     E) a few

11. Choose the correct word.
A  person who helps people when they are ill is … .
A) a scientist B) a teacher    C) a doctor
D) a customerE) an engineer

12.  Choose the correct word.
She can’t see well. She needs … .
A) a glassesB) a glass     C) the glass  
D) glassesE) glass

13.  Choose the correct  variant.
Susan knows … about economics and  she has … books on it.
A) much, a lot of  B) many, a lot of
C) a lot of, a lot of  D) a lot of, much
E) plenty, a lot

14. Choose the correct variant.
You can find . . . information here.
A) another B) an  C) some else
D) much more    E) two more

15. Choose the correct variant.
Robert has never  been good to you. If I were you I would try ...  him.
A) to talk                                   B) to thank
C) to praiseD) to speak
E) to forget

16. Choose the correct variant.
The Browns … in the country, but now  they live in the town.
A) get used to live
B) was used live
C) got used  live
D) used to live
E) used to living

17. Choose the correct variant.
-  I am sorry, I am late.
-   ...  .
A) You look wonderful  
B) It’s nice of you
C) That doesn't matter  
D) Nice to hear that
E) The same to you

18. Choose the correct variant.
There is no valley in South America that    
has ... varied  beauties  and ... many charms.
A) no, very            B) such, such    C) so, so
D) so, suchE) such, so

19. Choose the correct word.
You wear it round your neck to keep warm and to look nice. It is a ... .
A) jacket 
B) scarf
C) blouse  
D) bracelet    
E) belt

20. Choose the correct variant.
I  had some  … soup for lunch.
A) vegetable good
B) good vegetables
C) vegetables    
D) good vegetable
E) goods vegetable

21. Choose the correct variant.
The teacher gave a test paper to every … in the class.
A) student  B) students  
C) of student     D) of students
E) student of

22. Choose the correct variant.
Sevil’s blouse is very… .The colour suits her very  … .
A) pretty, beautiful   B) nice, nicely
C) nicely, beautiful   D) nicer, more nicely
E) nicely, nice

23. Choose the correct variant.
- Are Ali and Hasan  going to be at the meeting ?
- No, they are too busy. They …  be there.
A) don’tB) won’t   C) will   
D) may                       E) must

24. Choose the correct  variant.
Only some of the students knew … Kate was absent.
A) ifB) whyC) what
D) where  E) how

25. Choose the correct variant.
The vase … there were a lot of flowers in  was beautiful.
A) in what B) which     C) that
D) whereE) what

26. Choose the correct variant.
There … a teacher and a lot of pupils in the  hall now.
A) wasB) were  C) is
D) are  E) has

27. Choose the correct variant.
If you … ice,  it ...  .
A) heat, will melt    
B) will heat, melts
C) heats, melts
D) heat, melt
E) will heat will melt

28. Choose the correct variant.
It’s … how clever your dog is!
A) surprising        
B) surprised
C) much  surprised
D) more surprised
E) a more surprising

29. Choose the  correct variant.
Children … to leave school before the lessons are over.
A) are not allowed  
B) couldn’t
C) can’t
D) mustn’t    
E)  not allowed

30. Choose the correct variant.
Her mother  looked … because something … had happened.
A) excited, exciting   
B) exciting, terribly
C) exciting, excited
D) exciting,  exciting
E) excited, excited

31. Choose the correct variant.
If Mike doesn’t drive …, he … have an accident.
A) more carefully, will
B) more carefully, won’t
C) most careful, will be
D) more careful, will
E) more careful, will be able

32. Choose the correct variant.
…  today’s paper, … unusual photographs on the back page.
A) There are, there is
B) It is, there are
C)  It was, there was
D) There will be, there will
E) It were, there were

33. Choose the correct variant.
I am going to take a taxi. It… too far for me to walk there.
A) is   B) were  C) was  
D) wasn’t     E) isn’t

34. Choose the correct variant.
There was … good news on television last night.
A) too manyB) too much
C) fewer D) least E) few

35. Choose the correct variant.
I realized … to leave.
A) as if it is timeB) so was time
C) for being  in time   D) that it was time
E) if it is time

36. Choose the correct variant.
The key … has been lost.
A) opens the office
B) that opens the office with  
C) that opens the office   
D) it opens the office 
E) it opened the office

37. Choose the correct variant.
- What do we use to wash our hands?
- We use a … to wash our hands.
A) matchesB) soup C) soap
D) creamE) piece of soap

38. Choose the correct variant.
I couldn’t understand …
A) to whom she was addressing
B) who she were addressing to
C) who she was addressing to
D) to who she was addressing
E) whose she was addressing to

39. Choose the correct variant.
Janet is seventeen. She isn’t  …  to vote.
A) so oldB) enough old    C) too old
D) very  old     E) old enough

40. Choose the correct variant.
Here are the pencils. colour would you like to draw the picture?
A) How many  B) What    C) Where
D) Which of  E) How

41. Choose the correct variant.
Those girls are … nice. I have never seen … beautiful girls.
A) so, such  a B) such a, so
C) so, such     D) such, so
E) so, so

42. Choose the correct variant.
If it’s too hot here, you can …  your jacket.
A) take offB) turn off  C) get off 
D) put off E) switch off

43. Choose the correct variant.
Has your son made… friends in France?
A) many  B) little
C) muchD) a little
E) very little

44. Choose the sentence logically correct.

  1. It’s polite to speak with your mouth full.
  2. We mustn’t take care of our planet Earth.
  3. We say “I am sorry” after we have done something wrong.
  4. It’s wonderful not to know your native language.
  5. Throwing stones at birds and animals is the right thing to do.

45. Choose the correct variant.
She only has … free time at  the weekends.
A) a lot  B) any C) many 
D) a fewE) a little

46. Choose the correct variant.
- Where are the glasses?
-  … on the  shelf.
A) There’s
B) They
C) They’re  
D) There were
E) There are

47. Choose the correct variant.
Birds make nests in trees … hide their young  ones  in the leaves and branches.
A) can where they B) where they can   
C) where can they D) where can
E) can they  where

48. Choose the correct variant.
They  didn’t   know  …  people  in Baku.
A) many 
B) a lot
C) little   
D) much 
E) a little

49. Choose the correct variant.
Sleeping, resting and … are the best
ways to take care of your health.
A) drink tomato juice
B) drank orange juice
C) drink any juice 
D) drink orange juice
E) drinking natural juice

50. Choose the correct variant.
They need  envelopes. They don’t  have … .
A) some
B) a few 
C) any    
D) much
E) many

51.Choose the  correct variant.
The umbrella is …  in the living room.
A) somewhere B) everywhere 
C) anywhere  D) wherever
E) where

52. Choose the correct variant.
Brown  was held in prison as a … for a  month.
A) customer
B) seller
C) prisoner
D) traveler
E) visitor

53. Choose the correct variant.
Do you have … to do today?
A) a lot of works
B) many works 
C) lots of works
D) much work   
E) many work

54. Choose the correct variant.
- With what do we eat potatoes with?
- We eat potatoes with a …  .
A) spoon  B) kettleC) knife
D) plate    E) fork

55. Choose the correct variant.
1. to make a bad mistake
2. to make homework
3. to have breakfast
4. to be good at sports
5. to have angry with somebody
A) 2, 4, 5 B) 1, 3, 5 C) 1, 3, 4   
D) 3, 4, 5 E) 2, 3, 4

56. Choose the correct variant.
…  some American chocolate and a piece of cake on the plate.
...  such pleasure to eat  them.

  1. It is, There is
  2. There are, There is
  3. There is, There is
  4. There is, It is
  5. There are, It is

57. Choose the correct variant.
Could you give … when she comes?
A) to Mary this card
B) Mary  to this card
C) this card to Mary
D) to this card Mary
E) Mary this card to

58. Choose the correct  variant.
- Do you need … for that?
A) many  help   B) else  help
C) a  help D) any  help 
E) so little help

59. Choose the correct variant.
If … me up tell him that I'll not be at home till evening.
A) anybody ring
B) anyone’s ring  
C) everyone ring
D) anyone rings
E) everybody rings

60. Choose the correct variant.
I feel like listening  to … music tonight.
A) many  B) a few 
C) fewer  D) few E) much

61. Choose the correct variant.
I would like ... salt in my vegetables.
A) a few B) fewer C) least
D) many E) less

62. Choose the correct  variant.
… play a musical instrument ?
A) Do you can
B) Can you   
C) Do you able to
D) Can you to
E) Could you to play

63. Choose the correct variant.
(Knock. Knock)
-  Hello! … come in?
A) Could I to     B) Will IC) Can I to  
D) May I  E) Do I

64. Choose the correct variant.
Jack went to the hospital to … .
A) get some juice    B) buy some medicine 
C) get a new jacket  D) post a mail 
E) visit a friend

65. Choose the correct variant.
… not any glass in the windows, … very cold in the room.
A) It is, it is B) It has, it is  
C) There is, there is    D)There was, it was
E) It was, there was

66. Choose the correct  variant.
… any furniture in the room?
A) Are there     B) There is  
C) Is there        D) There are
E) Aren’t there

67. Choose the correct variant.
I don’t  know how … to the city center.
A) do I get B) getC) getting  
D) to get E) get at

68. Choose the correct variant.
…   are vegetables.
A) Potatoes, carrots and cabbages
B) Potatoes, tulips and beets
C) Potatoes, eggplants and bananas
D) Potatoes, rolls and tomatoes
E) Potatoes, onions and apples

69. Choose the correct variant.
The southern facade of the palace …a beautiful multicolored carpet.
A) looks like B) looks for
C) looks afterD) looks through
E) looks in

70. Choose the correct variant.
… she was not beautiful, she …complained.
A) Though, never B) Though, always
C) Because, never D) Ever, yet 
E) Though, although

71. Choose the correct variant.
The machine was … convenient
… everybody could use it.
A) so, also  B) such, so   
C) so, that  D) so, as
E) too, that

72. Choose the correct variant.
- Can you help me if you have time?
- Yes, I can. I have … time.
A) many  B) fewC) a few
D) little E) a little

73. Choose the correct variant.
… you wants to go to the cinema with Helen?
A) WhoB) WhichC) Which of    
D) WhomE) Whose

74. Choose the correct variant.
… people had  the bad luck to live in …area.
A) Much, thatB) Few, this  
C) Little, that D) Many, those
E) Many, these

75. Choose the correct variant.
Diana, … clothes were very beautiful, attracted everybody.
A) whose  B) whomC) who   
D) whichE) what

76. Choose the correct variant.
We were … hot  … tired.
A) neither, andB) either, and  
C) neither, or  D) both, and
E) either, nor

77. Choose the correct variant.
Where are the eggs … were in the fridge?
A) who    B) which     C) whose 
D) in whichE) what

78. Choose the correct variant.
… guests were invited to the party, but … of  them came.
A) Many, little  B) Much, few    
C) Many, a fewD) Many, much 
E) A lot of, a little

79. Choose the correct variant.
Are you sure he’s  . . .  the truth?
A) said   B) telling     C) saying
D) reported     E) talking

80. Choose the correct variant.
I’d like to . . . you something. If my . . .  helps you  I’ll be  happy.
A) advice, advise
B) advise, advices
C) advice, advice
D) advise, advise
E) advise, advice

81. Choose the correct variant.
Your cottage isn’t . . . I thought and it looks  . . .   .

  1. so far as, wonderfully
  2. farther as,  nicely
  3. as far as, splendid
  4. as farther as, well
  5. so farther as, modern

82. Choose the correct variant.
How often do you play tennis?
A. In class.
B. For two hours.
C. Almost every day.
D. With John.
E. at home.

83. Choose the correct variant.
Where do you usually eat lunch?
A. Sandwich.
B. With Jane.
C. At 12:00.
D. In the cafeteria.
E. Porridge.

84. Choose the correct variant.
How long did you study last night?
A. With Bob.
B. In my room.
C. English.
D. For three hours.
E. Two days ago.

85. Choose the correct variant.
. What kind of novels do you like?
A. Yes, I do.
B. I like spy novels.
C. She doesn’t know.
D. He likes novels.
E. No, I don’t.

86. Choose the correct variant.
What kind of work do you do?
A. I work every day.
B. I'm a piano teacher.
C. I worked for two hours.
D. I work from morning till night.
E. Yes, I do a lot of work.

87. Choose the correct variant.
How many hours a day do you watch TV?
A. About two hours.
B. In my living room.
C. I watch the news.
D. On Tuesday.
E. With my family.


88. Choose the correct variant.
What is your busiest day of the week?
A. In the morning.
B. In winter.
C. Tuesday.
D. Last week.
E. Two days ago.

89. Choose the correct variant.
My mother is a good cook.
A. I agree with you.
B. I agree you.
C. I agree to you.
D. I agree for you.
E. I agree of you.

90. Choose the correct variant.
How do you spell "dog"?
A. I have one dog.
B. D-O-G
C. Puppy
D. I don't
E. Cat.

91. Choose the correct variant.
What did you do yesterday?
A. I am swimming.
B. I swim.
C. I will swim.
D. I swam.
E. I was swimming.


92. Choose the correct variant.
What did you eat last night?
A. At six.
B. Spaghetti.
C. With my family.
D. At home.
E. In the cafeteria.

93. Choose the correct variant.
It seems to me that most restaurants are too expensive.
A. I don't think it.
B. I don't think.
C. I don't think so.
D. I don’t think that.
E. It not seems to me.

94. Choose the correct variant.
When did you go to that restaurant?
A. Spaghetti.
B. With Jane.
C. Last night.
D. About 30 minutes
E. In the cafe.

95. Choose the correct variant.
When was the last time you took a picture?
A. A picture of Jane.
B. Seven pictures.
C. About four days ago.
D. With my camera.
E. In a week.

96. Choose the correct variant.
What were you doing last night at 7:00?
A. I sleep.
B. I slept.
C. I will be sleeping.
D. I was sleeping.
E.  I go to bed.

97. Choose the correct variant.
When will you mail that letter?
A. Last night.
B. To Jane.
C. After school.
D. Three days ago.
E. By airmail.

98. Choose the correct variant.
What are you going to do after dinner?
A. I took a bath.
B. I'll take a bath.
C. I take a bath.
D. I have taken a bath.
E. I am take a bath.

99. Choose the correct variant.
How many hours a day do you sleep?
A. I have slept 7 hours.
B. I am sleeping 7 hours.
C. I slept 7 hours.
D. I sleep 7 hours.
E. I’ ll sleep 7 hours.


100. Choose the correct variant.
How often do you write letters?
A. Two pages.
B. Twice a week.
C. Two people.
D. Two hours.
E. Two minutes.

101. Choose the correct variant.
Where can I buy beer?
A. When you are twenty years old.
B. About two bottles.
C. With Jane.
D. At a liquor store.
E. At the chemist’s.

102. Choose the correct variant.
When was the last time you went shopping?
A. Yesterday.
B. Tomorrow.
C. Near the Station.
D. In a few days.
E. This month.

103. Choose the correct variant.
How often do you speak on the telephone?
A. At least once a day.
B. An hour and a half.
C. For about 30 minutes
D. At midnight.
E. All day.

104. Choose the correct variant.
How many times have you gone camping?
A. Three people.
B. Three days.
C. Three times.
D. Three minutes.
E. Three hours.

105. Choose the correct variant.
How do you get to school?
A. With train.
B. In train.
C. By bus.
D. By the sea.
E. On taxi.

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