Complete the Sentence

1. Complete the sentence.
Helen let them take neither the books nor the desks, ... ?
A) does she B) so did I
C) neither do I D) did she
E) don 't they

2. Complete the sentence.
A living room or a parlour is such a room ... .
A) where we receive our guests
B) where we have a rest
C) where we sleep
D) where we prepare meals
E) where we have meetings

3. Complete the sentence.
… when you returned from the voyage?
A) Why haven’t you phoned me
B) How much time has passed
C) How long had passed
D) Have you had a good time
E) What has happened

4. Complete the sentence.
Which of the delegates … ?
A) had visited the refugees
B) have arrived by plane
C) don’t take part in the discussion
D) haven’t been given invitations
E) was met at the station

5. Complete the sentence.
Mike never goes in for sports, … .
A) so does Nick B) neither Nick does
C) neither does Nick D) so Nick does
E) Nick doesn’t too

6. Complete the sentence.
She is a good teacher, … .
A) so is Fidan
B) so does Fidan
C) so Fidan is
D) either Fidan does
E) so do Fidan

7. Complete the sentence.
A tree has a trunk, ... .
A) branches, leaves and roots
B) branches, nails and roots
C) branches, leaves and engine
D) branches, leaves and wheels
E) branches, leaves and lights

8. Complete the sentence.
- Where can we buy fruit and vegetables?
- We can buy fruit and vegetables in the … .
A) market B) bank
C) post office E) office
D) department store

9. Complete the sentence.
We must speak English at the English lessons, … .
A) so they must B) so must they
C) so you must D) neither must we
E) so they can

10. Choose the correct logical ending.
I can’t talk to you now, I’m … .
A) lonely
B) busy
C) happy
D) lucky
E) glad

11. Complete the dialogue choosing the correct logical ending.
- Where do children play football?
- They play football in the … .
A) way B) path C) road
D) street E) playground

12. Choose the correct logical ending.
We go to the post office when we want… .
A) to buy some toothpaste
B) to send a package
C) to visit a friend
D) to get some milk
E) to buy tickets

13. Complete the sentence.
I see a boat in the distance, … ?
A) it is yours
B) lend it to me
C) when have you bought it
D) is it yours
E) are they your aunt’s

14. Complete the sentence.
Your friends aren’t going to the post office, … ?
A) do they B) they are C) aren’t they
D) have they E) are they

15. Complete the sentence.
Lala was studying Grammar last night, …?
A) isn’t sheB) she was C) she wasn’t
D) didn’t she E) wasn’t she

16. Choose the correct variant to complete the sentence.
The teacher was so angry with the boys that ... .
A) she greeted them heartily
B) she praised them
C) she smiled at them
D) she received them with pleasure
E) she scolded them

17. Complete the sentence.
Fish live in water, … ?
A) isn’t itB) doesn’t it C) do they
D) don’t they E) aren’t they

18. Choose the correct variant to complete
the dialogue.
- How do you do? I’m James White.
- . . . .
A) Well , not so bad
B) It’s very kind of you
C) Fine, don’t worry
D) Well done
E) How do you do? I’m Irene Smith.

19. Complete the dialogue.
- I have seen this film more than once and I am always ready to see it again.
- Why did you like it?
- . . .
A) It doesn’t make you think.
B) I didn’t enjoy it.
C) Nothing about the film is original.
D) Because it has connection with real life.
E) It has little richness of meaning.

20. Choose the correct variant to complete the sentence.
… is a dangerous thing. We must stop … the air. The … air does a lot of harm to our health.
A) Polluting, pollution, polluting
B) Pollution, to pollute, polluting
C) To pollute, pollution, polluted
D) Pollution, polluting, polluted
E) Polluting, polluted, polluted

21. Choose the correct logical ending and complete the sentence.
My brother came to my birthday party though … .
A) he was eager to see everyone
B) he didn’t feel well
C) he was happy for me
D) he had expected it impatiently
E) he had a lot of free time


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